Frequently Asked Questions

Your personal injury claim is potentially valuable and can be compensated monetarily. A personal injury attorney helps you navigate complex insurance law and helps present your claim in an understandable way that can maximize your dollar recovery with insurance companies.

See if anyone is in need of medical attention or injured. If so, call the paramedics or ambulance. Call the authorities to secure the scene and take statements about what happened. Gather information from other parties involved such as witnesses or bystanders, also take photographs of the scene and injuries. Once the scene is safe and you are secure and stable call our law office to talk with attorney Ben Rust about the next steps.

A written agreement ensures that the rights and obligations of all involved are clearly defined and reduces the risk of mistakes.

Find a copy of the contract, because the written terms will typically govern the rights and obligations of the parties in the event of a broken promise. If you can't quickly find a copy look back through your records, such as emails, notes, or communications with others that are related to the contract or business deal. Call Ben Rust to develop a legal and business strategy related to the dispute.

Real Estate disputes and litigation typically involve questions of ownership and control over land, buildings, and property which are based on claims to title over the property. Determining lawful title can be a complex issue that involves a comprehensive understanding of Florida Real Estate Law.