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If you are in the market for a home or property, you’ll quickly realize that real estate is much more than a broker, listings, and open houses. It is important to be aware of binding legal documents and contracts when investing in real estate, otherwise, you could be faced with legal proceedings. If you are buying or selling a property in the Orlando area, consider enlisting the services of a reputable real estate attorney Orlando. No matter the property or the price tag, all documents should be thoroughly checked before investing a lifetime of savings on a single.

Real estate lawyers handle many ownership issues involving land, residential, and commercial properties. In addition to simply preparing or clearing deeds, they can also prevent you from losing your home to foreclosure. Surprisingly, many people do not know their rights as tenants, let alone exercise them. Consequently, many landlords take advantage of this opportunity to evict their tenants based on misinformation. Fortunately, Ben Rust, a reputable real estate attorney in Orlando, is well-versed in tenancy law and protect your rights. If you are in need of legal assistance regarding foreclosure and occupancy, be sure to contact an attorney specialized in landlord and tenant law.

Ben Rust is also knowledgeable in laws governing construction and development on the land. Even if you have full ownership of the property in concern, it is necessary to submit the required paperwork to obtain approval for any construction or development. In these types of cases, services of a specialized attorney in laws governing land use and zoning or subdivision can be obtained to avoid costly legal hassles in the future.