Business Related Services

Many students come to law school with a specific purpose. Ben Rust II Esq., an economist by training, enrolled at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical School of Law to learn how to better fight for small businesses and individuals. For Ben, it is an intensely personal passion because he himself watched as his friends and colleagues in Brazil lost most of their earnings and wealth as the economy struggled to gain over the past five years.

Although many of Ben’s friends and family members have created successful and promising projects, he learned that business problems, ranging from poor strategy to inefficiency, often harm such efforts. Now, Ben, in addition to applying his business tools and models to managing his own law practice, is helping small business owners and investors innovate to meet new and unique challenges. Please call him today at (407) 326-6333 to schedule a consultation.

Ben can offer many legal and business related services including:

  • Business Succession Planning
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Transactions (Dodd-Frank Financial Reform Act)
  • Business Purchase and Sales
  • Corporate Entity Formation
  • Contract Negotiation